Simultaneous interpretation is a mode of interpreting where the interpreter interprets from the source to the target language at the same time as the speaker is speaking. Simultaneous interpretation is the most difficult kind of interpretation because of the speed at which the interpreter must listen, process the information, and interpret into the target language.

Simultaneous interpretation can be extremely useful in a conference setting when you do not want to disrupt the flow of the speaker by using a consecutive interpreter or if the conference needs to be interpreted into multiple languages. For international conferences where numerous languages might be needed it would be extremely time consuming to use several consecutive interpreters to interpret the language into several target languages. By using simultaneous interpretation services, everyone will hear the same message, at the same time.

We are a full service language agency that provides simultaneous interpreters who are highly experienced, have the proper training and education, and have good references. If necessary, we can provide interpreters’ resumes to demonstrate that we have done our due diligence in screening our simultaneous interpreters to ensure a smooth process and accurate interpretation.

U.S. Language Solutions provides simultaneous interpretation for conferences in over 135 languages while specializing in Spanish, French, Chinese, Dari, Pashto, and Arabic. We provide our own simultaneous interpretation equipment and booth to cut costs and keep our prices competitive.

We also provides consecutive interpretation and state-of-the-art Interpretation equipment. For more information on U.S. Language Solutions and the services we provide, please visit us at, email at, or call (720) 325-0459 or toll-free (877) 409-6737.