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US Language Solutions is a leading language solutions provider in the United States which strives to provide the best simultaneous interpretation and equipment services for our clients. Our goal is to ensure your international meeting or conference is successful. You should be able to spend time focusing on your meeting – not worrying about a language barrier. That’s why we only use professional linguists, the latest equipment, and cutting-edge techniques to guarantee success for you and your participants.

We are able to provide interpretation services for over 135 languages that reflect not only a specific language, but the specific dialect, as well. This means that if you have participants from Mexico, they will receive an interpretation that reflects the variety of Spanish as used in Mexico.

Our professionals are among the best in the language industry. We facilitate both verbal and written communication for companies hosting conferences and meetings around the world. Because of our dedication, knowledge, and experience with interpretation services and equipment, we are a leader in providing high-quality language services to companies within nearly any industry, including legal, medical, travel/tourism, hospitality, and oil and gas.

Our language professionals are all certified language experts who have several years of experience both living and working in the country where the language is spoken. Our linguists also have specialized knowledge. No matter if your international conference or meeting concerns the hotel and restaurant industry or the latest developments within the engineering or legal industries, our professionals have the specific knowledge to accurately represent your industry including technical vocabulary.

While our linguists and clients are spread across the World, our corporate culture remains the same. We focus on our team members and clients’ values, attitudes, and beliefs, always mindful they are our driving force. We have made sure to instill a sense of family and community in our company, as well as for our clients. It is one of the many reasons we provide services such as cultural role playing in addition to traditional translation and interpretation services – we listen to the needs of our clients and venders and incorporate those needs into every service we provide.