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Bilingualism and Autism

For many years the effects of bilingualism and multilingualism have proven to be positive, healthy and long-lasting. Among the many benefits are the strengthening of cognitive skills as well as the improvement of communication capabilities. The majority of the studies to prove these effects have been conducted on people lacking any sort of developmental disorder. […]

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Understanding Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

When it comes to simultaneous interpretation and equipment, the quality of the interpretation can be attributed to both the skill of the interpreter(s) and having all of the equipment properly functioning. Whether you are holding a business meeting with just a dozen executives or a conference with 1,000 international attendees, being adequately prepared will ensure […]

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Judicial Interpreting: The Importance of Ethical and Professional Interpreters

Similarly to the real estate industry, the legal sector has been a growing field for professional interpreters since the 1960’s and 70’s when the Civil Rights movement deemed the right to an interpreter as a universal standard in the American court system (Title IV Civil Rights Act of 1964 / Court Interpreter Act of 1978). […]

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The Disadvantages of Consecutive Interpreting

The interpreter’s goal is always to facilitate communication in the most objective way possible, but between the words of the source language and the target language, each interpreter must navigate a narrow grey area. In fact, to make their client’s meaning as clear as possible, interpreters frequently tailor their words to the cultural expectation of […]

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Education and Skills Simultaneous Interpreters Should Have?

Linguistic Ability
The first and most obvious of the skills a simultaneous interpreter should have is a solid knowledge of all working languages (languages used in official interpretations). This includes more than just complex verb conjugations, precise nouns and rarely used adjectives; a sufficient comprehension of slang and regional variation is also a necessity to be […]

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4 Reasons Why Simultaneous Interpreting May Be Right for Your Event

The act of live simultaneous interpreting is no simple task, no matter what the languages, content or formality of the event. As similar to translating as it is in theory, interpreting greatly varies from translating in that the pressure is on the timing of the act. The nature of translating is based on the act […]

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The Importance of Working Memory During Simultaneous Interpretation

The various types of memory in the human brain fall into three main categories: Sensory, Short-Term (Working), and Long-Term (Explicit or Implicit). Working memory refers to the system of the brain that is responsible for reasoning, comprehension, learning and updating memory. In simultaneous interpreting, this system of memory is used in a general way but […]

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Simultaneous Interpretation: How Does the Brain Tackle such a Demanding Task?

The mental dexterity and concentration required to do simultaneous interpretation can seem overwhelming to those who haven’t tried it before, and rightfully so. The stress levels experienced by simultaneous interpreters during their work have been compared to that of air traffic controllers; which is certainly no small feat either. As similar to translating as it […]

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Ethics for Interpreters

Because interpreters may be required for any situation, they often find themselves in very sensitive situations. Hence, it is vital that interpreters have a thorough understanding of what is expected of them and how they can be efficient and accurate without sacrificing integrity. The International Medical Interpreters Association outlines the most important tenets of ethics […]

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The History of Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

Have you ever wondered how modern day interpretation equipment came to be? Who thought of the idea of simultaneous interpretation (SI) equipment? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here is a brief history of SI equipment and technology!

First of all, when was interpretation invented? Though it is a common misconception that simultaneous interpretation was […]

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